Palm oil, a common cooking oil, is linked to the haze.
Watch this video below to find out:

Animation and voice over: Jen Tan
Music: Tristan Panniers
Animation and voice over: Jen Tan
Music: Tristan Panniers

is the closest to being haze-free(1).

(1) No fire, no land conflict, no deforestation, no peat

32 out of 33
popular restaurant chains in SG
palm oil as cooking oil.

NONE of them
use RSPO-certified cooking oil.

Let us call for restaurants to
use haze-free palm oil!

Sign to call for restaurants to use haze-free palm oil

Why should I support Go Haze Free?

Why should I support #GoHazeFree campaign?

Children are the most vulnerable to haze. If we don’t take action to stop the haze now, we will leave them with unhealthy lungs and a polluted environment.

The haze is caused mainly by unsustainable production of palm oil, which demand has been increasing. In Singapore, palm oil is widely used in restaurants as cooking oil. While there’s no overnight solution to the crisis, we can choose sustainably produced palm oil as a start. At the moment, none of the restaurants in Singapore use RSPO-certified cooking oil.

PM.Haze contacted several restaurant businesses to find out the reasons. They claim that there is no consumer awareness hence no demand for haze-free cooking oil. It becomes clear that we as consumers are the key to change them.

Therefore, this campaign aims to raise awareness of the link between haze and the food we eat. Show your support for haze-free palm oil to motivate businesses to #GoHazeFree today!


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#GoHazeFree Campaign Updates

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Supporting Organizations

Green Drinks

Businesses can make a huge impact in their purchasing decisions and effect great change in the process, to #GoHazeFree is to do good and do well for Singaporeans!

Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

We supports PM Haze’s efforts because the haze and the forest fires that bring the haze endanger all animals, both human animals and nonhuman animals. Plus, we will be healthier as we enjoy tasty food with less or no oil. Learn how in our cookbook, ‘The Heart Smart, Oil Free Cookbook’.

Zero Waste SG

We support haze-free palm oil because everyone has a responsibility to ensure a clean environment for nature and our children.

Nature Trekker
Nature Trekker

A haze-free environment will provide a healthy place for all to live and strive.

Sustainable Living Lab

We support haze-free palm oil because we want to work towards a Sustainable Future.

Asia-Pacific Youth Organisation

APYO wants to #GoHazeFree for the health and wellbeing of our region’s young people.