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Haze is back, but how bad will it be?     Weather patterns that brought the haze in 2013 was observed again this time. Smoke plumes from Riau (southwest of Singapore) are brought here via winds caused by a typhoon east of Taiwan. The current haze situation may not last […]

Will we break the haze record of 2013?

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People’s Expedition to Experience Peat How to stop the haze and have fun at the same time? Here are the three ingredients: a group of passionate people, a peat forest, and warm, welcoming homestay. We overcame a long journey, hard labour and the scorching sun, and built our own 3.5 meters wide […]

Having fun stopping the haze

At PM.Haze, we believe that personal stories will eventually become part of social history that will help us understand why we fight for the things we fight for. So we decided to document the lives of people that have chosen to join the team as a volunteer. In our first […]

People Spotlight @ PM.HAZE – Aurelie Charmeau

Fighting the haze while the skies are clear By Sharanya Pillai   The sky was dirty yellow, heavy with the smell of peatlands burning, as the PSI peaked 2600 in parts of Indonesia last year. Singapore was also hit with record levels of haze, and our frustration spilled even spilled […]

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