Volunteer Spotlight: Subha

SubhaSubha has been a PM.Haze volunteer since 2015. Let’s hear what she says about her volunteer experience.

Q: What is your background?

A: I am a private investor managing the family’s portfolio (responsible investing).  I am a committed environmentalist and hands on mum to two boys!! I also do freelance research in sustainable investing. My educational background is in Economics and personal Investment management .

My husband and I have been involved with wildlife conservation in India for more than 10 yearsl and I have also volunteered with a couple of local green groups.

With PM.Haze I am in the Research and Newsletter team (Outreach)

Q: How I got started with PM.Haze?

A: I got to know PM.Haze through the news articles about “We Breathe What We Buy” campaign. During the 2015 Haze season my children’s outdoor activities were getting cancelled. The kickstarter to joining PM.Haze was my son asking what I was doing about this problem created by adults.

Q: What are some of the things you did in Pm.Haze?

A: When I first met with PM.Haze, we talked about the role of banks in the palm oil industry. We were wondering whether there was information out there. I went back and checked, and lo and behold there was a report by Tuk Indonesia listing Singapore banks as being among the biggest investors in palm oil industry.

At first my sustainable investing knowledge was just for personal uses. After joining PM.Haze, I realised I how important and urgent it is to share this knowledge with the public and make a bigger impact.

In the research team, I helped with our comprehensive submission to Spore Stock Exchange on sustainable reporting. We also reached out to retail investors through two articles for the Securities Investor Associations’s newsletter.

The haze free cooking oil guide was also an impactful piece of work. The research we did for this was fun and informative.

Q: Do you have any Advice for new volunteers?

A: We can all make a difference / contribute, so come with an open mind and do whatever you can. As an organisation PM.Haze is open to  all ideas and suggestions and it will support you as much as possible.

Meeting people from different walks of life who share concern for our planet has been an enriching experience for me. The commitment of other volunteers inspires me to do my best.

Q: If PM.Haze were an animal what do you think it will be?

A: I can think of 3 different animals. Ant because pm.haze is hardworking. Cockroach because it is resilience. And most importantly lotus because It is clean and beautiful and remains unaffected by the muck around it.