Join our People’s Expedition to Experience Peat in September

Remember our first People's Expedition to Experience Peat last year?
We are going back in September for more Haze fighting. Join us!

Remember our first
People’s Expedition to Experience Peat
last year?

We went to Malaysia for our first ever people-to-people collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia. We overcame a long journey and hard labour to prevent fires through a peatland re-wetting project
at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR) in Selangor, Malaysia.

Then we left our worries behind and waded through the peat swamp forest reserve and supported local agro-tourism. This expedition allowed us to deepen our understanding of peatland conservation in the local ecology and economic context and to feel accomplished and more bonded than ever.

We are going back this year!

Join a 4 days weekend to Selangor, Malaysia.
Visit a natural peat swamp forest and a Haze-free community project.
Get your hands dirty and fight the Haze by re-wetting a fire-prone peatland.

Dates: September 7-10

Cost: $400 for 4 days of trip
(covers travel insurance, transport from Singapore, visits, homestay accommodation and food).

The Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR)

Project surface: 35,656 hectares

The Raja Musa Forest Reserve is a peat swamp forest surrounded by agriculture land mainly consisting of rice paddy and oil palm plantations. PM.Haze’s local partner, Global Environment Center (GEC), has been supporting the Government of Selangor and the Selangor State Forestry Department to manage the reserve since 1998. One of the key challenge is the decrease of water level in the peat swamp caused by drainage of water by the oil palm plantations outside the reserve. During dry season, the dried peat catches fire easily. To reduce the impact of the drainage, canals are blocked to maintain a desirable water level within the forest reserve, meanwhile supplying the excess water to the surrounding plantations. These canal blocks will keep the peat swamp wet and are the most cost-effective measures to prevent fire.

EDIT: This trip was originally planned for July and postponed to September due to low sign-up rate.