Our first Facebook jam

Facebook jam!

or how to #GoHazeFree from your sofa

Last Tuesday we had our first Facebook jam. Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up!

That evening was very empowering. We reached out to about a hundred of eateries and the responses keep flowing in!

Many eateries in Singapore use unsustainable palm oil. What’s more, most eateries are unaware their cooking oil may be causing the haze. That’s why PM Haze #GoHazeFree campaign aims to reach out and encourage Singaporean eateries to switch to haze-free cooking oil.

However, in our busy Singaporean society, not everyone has the capacity to attend our eatery outreach events. Thus we created the Facebook jam events to allow everyone to lend a hand. Our Facebook outreach consists of sending Facebook messages to eateries to ask them about the cooking oil they use and encouraging them to consider switching to haze-free palm oil. This jams also allow us to enjoy the company of other haze fighters and motivate each other. What’s more, it is a great occasion to have a haze free meal together!

The responses from Facebook are encouraging and I feel like I’m increasing awareness of the issue with restaurants!

Peixun, Facebook jam volunteer

Keep an eye open for our next Facebook jam and join the foodie team!