Volunteer Spotlight: Nandhini

Just give it a try! The best way to know PM Haze is to join us. You can drop by for ad-hoc events and get to know us.

Hi, My name is Nandhini, I am 22 years old and currently a Political Science Undergraduate.

How did you get to know PM Haze?

I got to know about PM Haze while working on a school term paper on haze.

Why did you choose to be part of PM Haze?

At that time, I was doing research on the haze issue from policy and government perspective. I was interested in understanding the role of NGOs in this issue. When I came down for the first meeting, I was impressed with the level of passion and dedication shown by the members. This motivated me to stay on.

Do you consider the Haze a big “cause” to fight?

I am not sure about “big” but I do think that it is an issue that we have significant influence over and thus are obligated to do what we can. Haze is a man-made issue and I think we have a responsibility to mitigate the issue as much as we can.

What do you do with PM Haze? what SB team are you part of?

I currently help the outreach and campaign team.

Are you facing any difficulties?

Often I feel that I do not have enough expertise to productively help the team so I tend to hold back. However, I am trying to learn more so I can be of better help to the team!

What is your most memorable souvenir with PM Haze?

My most memorable event would be the first ‘What the Haze’ event we held at Fil-a-pita. I really enjoyed meeting non-PM Haze people and listen to what they had to say about our organization and the issue itself. Most of the time I am working with PM Haze teams so I do not get a chance to understand what people outside the organization think of PM Haze.

What did you learn with PM HAZE so far?

I have learnt a lot from my time with PM Haze. But I think my most important takeaway would be that as regular citizens we can help make the world a better place by working together.

Could you tell us more about your background? What did you before?

I was a student before this. I have always been very interested in environmental issues but I did not find an organization I was really attracted to till PM Haze.

What are your expectations about PM Haze, in term of how you want to get more involve or is there a particular direction that you would hope PM Haze will take?

This question reminds me of what Yihan says about retiring. I hope that one day that man-made haze will no longer be an issue and PM Haze can retire as an organization. At the time, I hope that PM Haze will grow and gain expertise that would allow it to help other countries/regions facing similar issues. I think we could help with managing deforestation issues, making supply chains more sustainable and rallying people together.

Where do you see yourself and PM Haze in five years?

PM Haze expanding regionally to have an impact beyond Singapore. I still see myself in PM Haze in five years’ time.

If PM Haze was an animal what would it be?

As much as I hate cockroaches I think our adaptability and small size makes us similar to them. You have to respect a species that has survived millions of years.

What would you say to someone hesitating to be part of PM Haze?

Just give it a try! The best way to know PM Haze is to join us. You can drop by for ad-hoc events and get to know us. Personally, I do not think you will not regret joining PM Haze as everyone here is very passionate about the work they do. People are always the greatest asset to any organization and we definitely have that!