November Facebook Jam

Facebook jam!

or how to #GoHazeFree from your sofa

We had our November Facebook jam, the last one of the year 2017!

We are proud to state that thanks to our previous Facebook jams, a few local eateries have decided to switch to haze free palm oil. After our achievements, we decided to reach a higher level and contacted the restaurants of the hotels. As Singapore is a world-renowned tourist destination, there are many hotels island wide, trying to provide the best service to visitors from all over the world. Notably, more and more hotels are willing to undertake their social responsibility as part of the society.  Like the many eateries, a number of hotels along with the restaurants attached to them are unaware that they’re using palm oil in their cooking. That’s why PM Haze #GoHazeFree campaign decided to reach out to them and encourage Singaporean hotels to switch to haze-free cooking oil.

This time we did it differently as the Facebook jam was organized for the first time by volunteers.

Not everyone has the time to commit to an association / charity daily or even weekly. Our Facebook outreach jams take place only once a month. Also, we are lucky to be in the red box where many new ideas are brought to life thanks to committed young people like the passionate people you’ll get to meet at PM Haze: the People’s Movement to Fight Haze!
And of course, you get to enjoy haze-free food in a friendly environment!

I was at ease during the presentation of PM haze as I heard it a few times before. What’s really nice is that we are given the templates but there is always room for improvisation.

We worked together with Carolyn as we listed about a 100 hotels and found out the email addresses for a few.

We are always encouraged to take initiatives. Thanks to all the volunteers, we reached out to about 50 hotels and their restaurants! It’s nice to do something for a cause we believe in.

After all, it seems that hotels and restaurants were not aware of the importance of the choice of their cooking oil and sometimes, ask their own suppliers how to switch to the label: RSPO, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Natalie, PM Haze volunteer

That evening of friendly talking and sparkling brainstorming left a precious memory to me.

One can never know exactly how far he could go until he really does. That’s what I feel most about the journey with PMHaze. I want to give my special thanks to Yihan and Natalie as well as other volunteers. As a new volunteer, I was greatly encouraged and inspired by them. They made me believe that everyone of us can and shall be an active part of the world and every little effort matters if we stick to it.

Carolyn, PM Haze volunteer

Keep an eye open for our next Facebook jam and join the foodie team!