Research jam: Who honoured their 2017 commitments?

Research jam!

Who honoured their 2017 commitments?


On Monday we had our second and last research jam in 2017!

Through our research and networking, we noticed that many companies have sustainability commitments with implementation deadline in 2017. The goal of this jam was to check if the companies managed to honour their commitments.

This event had a great success: so many people signed-up that we had to change to location!

The crowd was very diverse with a few newcomers as well as experienced volunteers.

We researched together in a relaxed setting and with haze-free food. As a very quick summary, we found 7 companies with commitment deadlines in 2017 and, for most of them, there is a lack of transparency as to if they honoured their commitment.

The research will continue remotely until early January when the findings will be summarized in a mini-report. The report will include our follow-up plan as PM Haze to find the information that is missing.

Considering the great feedback we got from this event, we may consider organizing a follow-up event to contact companies and ask them about their progress.
Thank you to all the volunteers for showing up!
Thank you for your great energy, your interest and your questions!

The research jam was a great opportunity to learn more about the RSPO labels, and what sustainable palm oil really means. The open discussions also lend many insights to topic of sustainable palm oil, and forged the beginning of new friendships.


This was a highly productive session, well led and managed. Gathering this amount of material in a short time demonstrated the benefit of the research jam approach.


The whole short 1 hour research jam was awesome! It broaden our knowledge on those companies committed to RSPO and who’s who still needs catching up. Seemingly in a CSI (crime scene investigation) movie!


It was an enlightening experience to see how some companies had very ambitious goals to source for 100% rspo certified palm oil within a short period of time. On the other hand, many had no goals what so ever.


We want to make sure that the actions and behaviours of these corporations are in line with their promises, missions, and commitments they have made


Keeping a commitment is unlike keeping a promise. A commitment involves plans and actions – and we want these corporations to honour that.


It was a very informative and interesting evening and was a very fulfilling first experience with PM Haze!

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