Mission & our story


We are a people’s movement. We work with the community to spread awareness on positive changes we can make that impact and discourage the perpetrators of the haze.

People’s Movement to Stop Haze, affectionately known as PM Haze, is a non-profit focusing on outreach, research and advocacy on haze related concerns.


To drive a global movement to stop the haze by empowering the community with the knowledge, means and values to do so.

Steering consumption patterns towards sustainable palm oil and paper as well
as assisting Indonesian and Malaysian farmers to create a sustainable livelihood are 2 main ways we empower our community.


Compassionate yet strong.
Friendly yet bold. Informative yet clear.

Every message acts as both a reminder of why we need to raise awareness for clean air. Keeping information concise and simple is essential to relate well to a large community.


The A in PM Haze has been modified to include the logomark within. It symbolises a constant flow for fresh, clean air with an arrow pointed upward to represent constructive action towards this


The logotype utilizes the shortform that represents the organisation name.

Our Story

Our Story

In 2016, we became a registered society and went full force to promote haze-free palm oil among consumer and businesses, as well as helping communities on the ground. We launched our first #GoHazeFree campaign to call for restaurants to use haze-free cooking oil.

We also accomplished our first ground project to directly prevent fires: canal-blocking at Raja Musa peatland area in Selangor, Malaysia, together with Global Environment Centre (GEC).

2016 June, first canal blocking project in Selangor, Malaysia

Since then, we continue to raise awareness about the haze issue among the public via many outreach activities, including roadshows, talks, and other innovative forms of activities.

First "What the Haze" at Fill a Pita

In May 2017, we completed our first canal blocking project in Riau, Indonesia.In May 2017, we completed our first canal blocking project in Riau, Indonesia.In May 2017, 

Sungai Tohor 2017 May.001