Our Work


We conduct campaigns to gather the voice of the people, while engaging with key stakeholders such as governments, businesses and other organisations in order to drive change.

In 2017, we are running our #GoHazeFree campaign to call for restaurants to use haze-free cooking oil.

The #GoHazeFree campaign was launched in 2016. It was promoted both online, through website and social media, and offline, through roadshows, talks and 2 days of offline campaign promotion activities. To date, we have gathered 763 signatures. The 2016 #GoHazeFree campaign was supported by 25 green groups/NGOs in Singapore, including Singapore Sustainable Blueprint (SSB). The campaign received mainly institutional and public support, unfortunately, the awareness among F&B companies are still low and more effort is required to encourage businesses to change.

In 2015, we co-organised the “We Breathe What We Buy/ #XtheHaze” campaign which successfully garnered over 20 million social media mentions and collected more than 13,000 pledges to “switch to brands that produce sustainable palm oil”.

We also participate in consultations such as for SGX’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (read our feedback) as well as Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill (read our feedback).


We reach out to the people both online and face-to-face.

In 2014 and 2015, we helped to run “Haze: Know it! Stop it!” Exhibitions in various locations including VivoCity, City Square Mall, Singapore Science Centre and NEX.

We continue to conduct talks, workshops and roadshows at events and for organisations and schools. Contact us to find out how you can engage us. 


The haze is a complex problem, and thus our research helps people understand the issues and recognise how we can effectively solve the problem.

In order to get answers, we make field visits (eg. Hotspot Investigation Project and Tour of APRIL’s plantation), analyse satellite data (eg. Investigative Report on APP), and gather information from experts.

We also conduct social research to understand the people’s awareness and attitude to the haze (eg. Singapore Haze Awareness Survey).

Our recommendations and campaigns are therefore grounded in evidence and science (eg. Haze-free Palm Oil report).

Ground solutions

We give people in Singapore an opportunity to experience the realities on the ground while directly helping out in projects to prevent fires and haze. Those trips are called People’s Expedition to Experience Peat (PEEP).

In May 2017, we organised our first ever trip to Sungai Tohor in Riau, Indonesia. Very recently, in September, our volunteers went back to Selangor to visit our friends at the Raja Musa Forest Reserve.

2016 was the year of our first PEEP. We travelled to the Raja Musa Forest Reserve in Selangor, Malaysia. Together with Global Environment Centre (GEC), we blocked a canal to maintain a high water level in the peatland to prevent Haze causing fires.

In 2014, we organised our first overseas expedition to Riau to investigate to root causes of fire there (find out more).

BLUE Leadership Programme

Want to make the world a better place but feel overwhelmed by the task ahead?

We understand how it feels, because we started as just 5 ordinary youths with no money and influence, trying to challenge a huge problem.

Over the years, we have accumulated valuable experience on how to start a project and drive change in society. And now we want to empower others to do the same.

Through interactive workshops, overseas trips and mentorship, BLUE provides University and Polytechnic students (or anyone willing to reach out to a well defined community) with skills and guidance to run an advocacy project in their own campus to help tackle the root causes of haze, deforestation and climate change.