Our Work

We envision a world where everyone feels responsible for the clean air we all enjoy.
To get there, we empower people with the VALUES, KNOWLEDGE and MEANS to drive a movement to stop haze.


  • Open-minded – Haze is a complex problem involving many stakeholders, thus requiring us to be open to different perspectives.
  • People power – When people work together, we can change the world.
  • Proactive – Change starts with ourselves. Everyone can make a difference.
  • Practise what we preach – Bonds between people are built on trust, which only comes about if we are honest and do what we say.
  • One planet – We share one planet, we breathe the same air. We have to unite to protect our common home.


  • Impacts – Haze impacts our health, well-being, economy and environment
  • Causes – Our consumption of palm oil and paper products, as well as our investments and savings may be causing the haze
  • Solutions – There are many ways that people in Singapore can help stop haze, such as reducing unnecessary consumption, shifting the flow of money from haze-causing to haze-free palm oil and paper, as well as supporting efforts in Malaysia and Indonesia that prevent fires


  • Platform for consumers to show their demand for haze-free products
  • Tools to help businesses go haze-free
  • Overseas expeditions for people to support ground-projects to prevent fire

Our Activities

Check out one of the exciting things we do:


XtheHaze pledgeWe conduct campaigns to gather the voice of the people, while engaging with key stakeholders such as governments, businesses and other organisations in order to drive change.

In 2015, we co-organised the “We Breathe What We Buy/ #XtheHaze” campaign which successfully garnered over 20 million social media mentions and collected more than 13,000 pledges to “switch to brands that produce sustainable palm oil”.

We also participate in consultations such as for SGX’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (read our feedback) as well as Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill (read our feedback).

Overseas expeditions

We give people in Singapore an opportunity to experience the realities on the ground while directly helping out in projects to prevent fires and haze.

In 2014, we organised our first overseas expedition to Riau to investigate to root causes of fire there (find out more (PDF)). In 2016, we got our hands dirty rewetting the peat in Raja Musa, Selangor, Malaysia (find out more).


We reach out to the people both online and face-to-face.

In 2014 and 2015, we helped to run “Haze: Know it! Stop it!” Exhibitions in various locations including VivoCity, City Square Mall, Singapore Science Centre and NEX.

We continue to conduct talks, workshops and roadshows at events and for organisations and schools. Contact us to find out how you can engage us. 


The haze is a complex problem, and thus our research helps people understand the issues and recognise how we can effectively solve the problem.

In order to get answers, we make field visits (eg. Hotspot Investigation Project and Tour of APRIL’s plantation), analyse satellite data (eg. Investigative Report on APP), and gather information from experts.

We also conduct social research to understand the people’s awareness and attitude to the haze (eg. Singapore Haze Awareness Survey).

Our recommendations and campaigns are therefore grounded in evidence and science (eg. Haze-free Palm Oil report).