A Google plugin designed to help people shop sustainably on major eCommerce sites such as and


Powered by data from RSPO and other NGOs, users will now be informed of better choices when the products they select have been produced with unsustainable palm oil.


When they choose to switch to a more sustainable choice, they are encouraged to share the knowledge they’ve gained and encourage others to shop with EcoCart too.

If you are a commercial brand and would like to help promote this initiative, please write to


As the number of switches increase, this data shows that people prefer eco-friendly products and are willing to change their brand preference. This will encourage unsustainable brands to switch to more responsible methods of production.

It just gets smarter

While the launch of EcoCart focuses on palm oil products, in the future this plugin will be powered by more data from other NGOs such as MightyEarth with cocoa data and more.

As EcoCart becomes more intelligent, we will also become smarter consumers so that we can put a stop to the haze and other ecological issues in the world caused by our purchases.

In partnership with

If you are an NGO and would like to be part of this initiative, please write to