3 Simple Ways You Can Help Stop Haze

Did you know that a major cause of haze is the production of unsustainable palm oil and paper products? If we are mindful of our consumption and choose the products we use wisely, we can help end the haze.

Here are 3 simple things to do in your daily life to help prevent haze!

1. Reduce unnecessary consumption

Most of us use multiple products containing palm oil every day without realizing it. Around half of all packaged items in supermarkets – from biscuits to detergent – contain palm oil. Palm oil is also a popular cooking oil used at restaurants and food stalls.

Even though palm oil can be found almost everywhere, there are ways to reduce your impact.

  • Buy only products that you’ll use. Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • When you’re eating out, order just enough.
  • Eat less oily and fried foods. By reducing the fried foods in your diet, you’ll be helping your health too!
  • Cook with less oil. You can consider using an air fryer, which requires much less oil than conventional frying.

Similarly, you can protect the forests by making it a habit to use less paper.

Some simple tips:

  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper for printing or writing.
  • Make notebooks out of discarded office paper.
  • Don’t pick up free advertising flyers.

More tips for saving paper on the WWF website.

Reuse scrap paper

2. Choose haze-free products

If possible, choose products that which carry the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification logo. The RSPO trademark gallery and RSPO android app lists down some of the products which carry the certification.

However, products which use sustainable palm oil are not widely available or clearly labelled in this region. In the absence of labelling, consumers may decide which brands to support based on the palm oil scorecard published by the Union of Concerned Scientists (USA), which ranks major global companies relevant to the palm oil supply chain.


3. Advocate

Tell your friends and family about how they can help stop the haze! Share videos and articles, and ask them to signup for our mailing list.

Write in to newspaper forums and speak up on radio.

Email companies and post on their social media platforms to ask them to go haze-free.

Many businesses we spoke to resist going haze-free because there is a lack of consumer demand. Only when enough people care and enough people speak up, will change happen.