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Comparing to most palm oil components in products, cooking oil is easy to switch to haze-free because RSPO certified cooking oil is already readily available. For eateries which use larger quantities of cooking oil, switching to RSPO certified palm oil cost about S$2 dollars more per tin of 17-18kg of oil (about 10% more expensive). A typical nasi lemak stall sells 400 meals with one tin of oil, and that comes down to less than 1 cent more per meal.

However, many eatery owners are not aware of the impact of the cooking oil they use. Therefore we need your help to reach out to those eatery owners.

And we can start with our favorite eateries! If everyone helps to reach out to their favorite eateries and share about the haze-free cooking oil, soon more eatery owners will become aware.  

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  1. Nominate your favorite eatery for change: PM Haze will organise outreach trips with our volunteers for selected eateries  
  2. Connect us with an eatery owner you know: If you know the eatery owner and feel that he/she could be open to change to haze-free cooking oil, please help to connect us
  3. Talk to the owner of your favorite eatery: either do it on your own or join PM Haze eatery outreach  

We organise regular eatery outreach on Saturday afternoons from mid Aug till mid Oct. Volunteers can go in pairs to 5 or 6 restaurants in the same area and speak to owners of the eateries. Don’t worry, briefing and brochure will be provided. All you need to bring is the courage to talk to people!   

Launch event

Tell eateries to go haze-free

Join us to talk to eatery owners in person and share about haze-free cooking oil. Briefings and brochures for eateries will be provided. You will be informed via email about upcoming eatery outreach and please feel free to participate.


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Convince the owner of your favorite eatery to Go Haze-Free!

  1. Ask to speak to the owners: they are the ones who can make decision
  2. Find out if they are using palm oil for cooking oil: palm oil is commonly known as “vegetable oil”. To be sure, ask for the ingredient name (which is usually palm olein) on the oil tin.
  3. Share the benefits of using haze-free cooking oilPalm oil is a vegetable oil, widely used by eateries, which is mainly grown in Indonesia and Malaysia. A major cause of the haze is the mass clearing of rainforest by burning – in order to make space for palm oil plantations. To stop haze, one of the first steps we can take is to switch to haze-free palm oil. Haze-free palm oil is simply palm oil produced by companies that do not engage in practices leading to haze pollution, such as burning. The closest we have to haze-free palm oil is palm oil certified by RSPO, a non-profit organisation.
  4. Pass useful information on pricing and suppliers list: You can find the information from the brochure we provide. 
  5. Follow up with the owner the next week: find out about their progress and share with us if the restaurant agrees to switch to haze-free cooking oil!

I feel frustrated when the eatery owner doesn’t agree with me...

Don’t give up easily. Our movement to stop the haze is still young and it’s natural that people are reluctant to change when they are new to the idea. As long as we focus on what’s within our control, try our best to convince the eatery owner, we’ve done our part!     

Why focus on eateries? Wouldn’t it be more impactful to ask the palm oil producers to change?

This is just a start! One of the biggest challenge we face is the low awareness of the palm oil issue among both consumer and business owners. Cooking oil is a way that we relate the palm oil issue with the public and business. The goal of this outreach activities does not stop at the eateries, but goes beyond into more awareness of the palm oil issue. Palm oil producers will be more motivated if more people demand haze-free palm oil.