(Left to right): Guanjie, Lucie, Apurva.
04 Oct: Volunteer Spotlight: Lucie

I first learnt about PM Haze in April 2015 when I attended the People’s Forum, an event organised by PM Haze. I was attracted to the short film produced by…

03 Oct: How to fight the haze three times a day

The article How to fight the haze three times a day by PM Haze reminds us that despite Indonesia’s national moratorium on peatland forest clearing, deforestation continues. Protected peatland forests, home…

Water bombing peat fires
09 Aug: Forest fires, hots spots and underlying issues
Two recent developments concerning peat lands highlight the complexity of peat land management - The first one is progressive; it is about efforts to rewet vast tracts of peat lands damaged by fires. The second issue is the ongoing debate on the Indonesian palm oil bill for regulating the plantation sector.