Featured Image_Facebook jam
05 Feb: January Facebook jam
We had our first Facebook jam of the year! This jam was a bit special as all participants were from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). This group of 13 students recently returned from an overseas community project.
Peatland and carbon emission
17 Jan: Sustainable everyday choices in the Year of Climate action
Transboundary haze has contributed to the region’s air pollution is a direct result of deforestation techniques using fire for land clearing. Peatlands are being cleared for palm oil production and for timber used in paper manufacture. When dried out, peatlands release stored CO2 and become highly flammable.
Photo credit Regina Veronica Vanda
27 Dec: Rough Beauty, Simply Sustainable
After knowing that palm oil used in the making of conventional soap contributes to deforestation and haze in Singapore, Rough Beauty made an immediate switch to sustainable palm oil.