(Left to right): Guanjie, Lucie, Apurva.
04 Oct: Volunteer Spotlight: Lucie

I first learnt about PM Haze in April 2015 when I attended the People’s Forum, an event organised by PM Haze. I was attracted to the short film produced by…

03 Oct: How to fight the haze three times a day

The article How to fight the haze three times a day by PM Haze reminds us that despite Indonesia’s national moratorium on peatland forest clearing, deforestation continues. Protected peatland forests, home…

Water bombing peat fires
09 Aug: Forest fires, hots spots and underlying issues
Two recent developments concerning peat lands highlight the complexity of peat land management - The first one is progressive; it is about efforts to rewet vast tracts of peat lands damaged by fires. The second issue is the ongoing debate on the Indonesian palm oil bill for regulating the plantation sector. 
we wear blue T-shirts which symbolize our wishes for blue sky forever!
31 Jul: Eatery Outreach

Palm oil is widely used as cooking oil by eateries in Singapore. Based on our 2016 survey, more than 90% of local restaurant chains use palm oil and none are…