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Why eatery Facebook jams?


The palm oil industry is one of the major causes of haze.

Haze-free palm oil prevents haze and switching is easy.


Most Singaporean eateries are unknowingly using haze causing palm oil.

What it is

Many eateries in Singapore use unsustainable palm oil. What’s more, most eateries are unaware their cooking oil may be causing the haze. That’s why PM Haze #GoHazeFree campaign aims to reach out and encourage Singaporean eateries to switch to haze-free cooking oil.

However, in our busy Singaporean society, not everyone has the capacity to attend our eatery outreach events. Thus we created the Facebook jam events to allow everyone to lend a hand. Our Facebook outreach consists of sending Facebook messages to eateries to ask them about the cooking oil they use and encouraging them to consider switching to haze-free palm oil. This jams also allow us to enjoy the company of other haze fighters and motivate each other. What’s more, it is a great occasion to have a haze free meal together!

How it works

Sign up to one of our Facebook jams

You can also choose to do Facebook outreach on your own. In that case, ignore the next step (eateries list) and contact the eateries you want 😀

Choose eateries

Open the eateries list below, select a few eateries and add your name next to them.

The list will be uploaded on the day of the event.

Reach out!

Reaching out to eateries may be long and difficult.
You will need Thick Skin and Strong Heart!

Contact them by customizing this template. The main objective is to identify what kind of oil they are using.

Hi! I’m [your name].

I’m a huge fan of [eatery name], I eat there at least once a week!

I believe in making a positive impact in the world by choosing a place with good quality ingredients and low environment impact.

I recently heard that palm oil is widely used as cooking oil and if the palm oil is not certified sustainable, it could cause haze. May I know if your cooking oil contain palm oil/palm olein and whether they are certified sustainable?

Respond to the eateries

When the eateries reply (if they do), you can use the following templates.

Eatery response:
“We are using [not palm] oil (not palm)”

Thank you for letting me know, I’m looking forward to eat at your place!

Eatery response:
“We use vegetable oil”

Hi! Thank you for your fast reply 😀
“Vegetable oil” is a generic term used to refer to palm oil or a blend of different oils. Could you please let me know what are the ingredients of your vegetable oil?
Thank you!
ps. You can find more information about haze-free palm oil on People’s Movement to Stop Haze brochure:

Eatery response:
“Can you provide a list of certified suppliers?”

  • Ngo Chew Hong, call Danny 9387 1034
  • Sime Darby, call Veronica 6660 4261
  • Hap Seng, call Chris 6756 9182.

You can contact PM Haze for more info.
If you do switch, please let us know so we can add you to the dining guide.

Record your findings

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