Focus Group Discussion on Haze for Parents with Young Kids

Background and aim of FGD

Singapore has experienced severe transboundary haze pollution which resulted from land and/or forest fires from the neighbouring countries in recent years. Unsustainable practices, such as deforestation and burning for land clearance, used for palm oil and paper production are main causes of fire. One way for individuals to help prevent the haze is to support sustainably produced palm oil and paper that do not contribute to deforestation and burning. This FGD is aimed to understand public perception of haze and identify effective messaging that increase the adoption of haze-free products among individuals as well as local businesses. We are specifically interested to identify messages that are effective in engaging parents of young kids during both haze and non-haze period.

Who should participate?

Young kids are the most vulnerable during haze and parents collectively can significantly influence the practices of local businesses. Therefore, we are looking for parents of kids of 15 years old and below, and have experienced haze before in Singapore. No prior knowledge of haze is required. You are encouraged to participate if you are an active member of an existing parents network and your views can reflect the shared sentiment among your peers. Your input will be incorporated in our awareness campaigns that will help expedite our transition to a haze-free environment for future generations.

Please download the Information Sheet for Participants for more information.

Details of the FGD

Each session is about 1 to 1.5 hours. The next session will be held on the afternoon of 1 July (Sunday) at The Common Ground near MacPherson MRT. Please click on the sign up button and fill up the google form.

Please indicate all available slots. We will confirm your grouping 2 weeks prior to the discussion.

We are giving SGD10 NTUC voucher to appreciate your effort and time. Simple refreshment will be provided after the discussion session. Thank you so much for your participation!

We would like to thank The Common Ground for sponsoring the venue for this event. We love their tagline “The Common Ground for the Common Good”!

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