What the Haze

What the Haze

First "What the Haze" session with Fill a Pita on 3 Jun 2017

Take part in a social haze-free lunch where you will have a taste of haze-free food and share food for thought about tackling the haze issue. The haze issue is complex and to find the solutions, we need a good understanding. Find out whatever you want to know about topics on haze, palm oil, peatland, communities and etc.     

Our Haze-Free Food Partners

Food served at the “What the Haze” sessions is prepared with either RSPO-certified cooking oil or close to no oil. Our first haze-free food partner is a middle eastern vegetarian eatery Fill a Pita.  

First "What the Haze" at Fill a Pita

Email contact@pmhaze.org if you want to become our haze-free food partner!

Host one for your team!

"What the Haze" @ *Scape

You can host a “What the Haze” session for your team! We will deliver the haze-free lunch or dinner to your office for a team lunch for thought. We had our first wonderful haze-free team building lunch with the *Scape team.

Price per pax is dependent on your choice of food and delivery cost. Email contact@pmhaze.org if you want to host “What the Haze” for your team!