Prevention is better than cure

We can eliminate the chance of another 2015 haze by stopping deforestation and peatland drainage. We can protect our blue skies if we demand haze-free practices from companies and support sustainable palm oil products.

We encourage businesses to use sustainable palm oil

Reduce consumption, choose and advocate for sustainable palm oil
Your business can make an impact by adoption sustainable palm oil
Visit peatlands and support communities in Indonesia/Malaysia

Join the #GoHazeFree movement!

Featured event

3rd February: Haze training

Join us for an interactive training session to learn all you need to know about the haze and how we can prevent it from Singapore.


25 Apr: Singapore is bankrolling haze

PM Haze, Singapore, 25 April 2019  –  We all know that haze is caused by fires, but how do these fires start is the million dollar [rupiah] question. We often…