PM.Haze @ Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources

PM.Haze volunteers

As the big shots from the corporate world, regional governments and non-governmental organisations descended to Singapore for the 2nd Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources organised by SIIA, PM.Haze was there to present our message: “We breathe what we buy”. Our consumption choices regarding palm oil and paper can worsen the haze… or stop it!

25 voices were added to the Pledge to Help Stop the Haze to kick start our campaign and media channels such as Channel News Asia and BBC World News also helped to spread the message. We’re going to get this message out throughout the nation.

Find out 5 ways you can help stop the haze and join the movement at


Note: “Haze: Know it. Stop it.” is an exhibition to educate the public about haze and is a collaboration between SIIA and PM.Haze. “We breathe what we buy” is a campaign by PM.Haze that was launched in conjunction with the exhibition and SDSWR event.