Launch of “We Breathe What We Buy” campaign

XtheHazeIn collaboration with WWF Singapore and Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), we launched the #XtheHaze campaign on 16 July 2015, to deliver the message of “We Breathe What We Buy” – consumers can choose to enjoy clean air by showing our demand for haze-free products.

The campaign even garnered support across the causeway where Serene Music Academy offered to come up with a mandarin theme song for the campaign. This song was launched on 16 November 2015 at RT13, RSPO’s annual conference.
UPDATE 1: By the end of 2015, the campaign had successfully garnered over 20 million social media mentions and more than 13,000 people had pledged to “switch to brands that produce sustainable palm oil”.

UPDATE 2: This campaign contributed to the creation of the Singapore Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil (SASPO) in April 2016.