Uplifting experiences at BLUE Basics workshop

BLUE Basics participants

A total of 25 bright-eyed and eager youths participated in our first 2 BLUE Basics workshops on advocacy.

Through experiential activities like the Amoeba game on innovation diffusion, participants developed skills and confidence to be advocates for social change. One of the participants, Ailing, shared: “I used to be frustrated at trying to persuade people who were closed-minded. Now I realise I should just ignore them (and focus on getting support from those who are already more inclined to the message).”

Participants in the second workshop had the chance to be inspired by a group of 14 year olds led by Gauri and who call themselves Students of Singapore (SOS) Against Haze. These students from United World College (Dover) successfully got their canteen operator, Sodexo, to commit to using 100% certified sustainable palm oil!

Through the BLUE Leadership Programme, we are looking forward to bring SOS Against Haze to greater heights and nurturing more groups like them. Together, we aim to demonstrate that ordinary people can drive businesses to be more responsible to people and planet.

We are still open to running more BLUE Basics workshops in late May and early June. If you’re keen to have us, please contact Yi Han yihan@pmhaze.org . To find out more about BLUE, check out pmhaze.org/blue