Volunteer Spotlight: Tessa


My name is Tessa. I just turned 25. I work for the Science Centre, designing and delivering learning programs for schools.

I have been interested in the environment for some time. I volunteered for WWF for Earth Hour as well as other things. At another event, I met someone from the PM.Haze research team who introduced me to the organisation. At PM.Haze I work on publicity and facilitation for the BLUE program. Last year my main contribution was to design the Haze Free cooking oil guide. Yihan and the other people from the team sent me the info for the guide and told me “make it look nicer”! I have done posters before and I am personally quite interested in design. When I first joined PM Haze I said I would also like to join outreach because I am quite comfortable with talking to people. So far I have helped out with quite a bit of design but no outreach yet.

I would like to continue helping PM.Haze as much as I can. PM.Haze is doing the best they can with limited resources and I can see that big progress has been made. My wish for the ultimate future of PM.Haze would be that it becomes obsolete – if one day there is really no more haze in Singapore then PM.Haze would have been a success. On a larger scale, I think PM.Haze could serve as an inspiration to other people’s movements. I volunteer for PM.Haze because I feel like I can contribute to something that is good not only for this group of people but also for all of Singapore and the entire region. This is a people’s movement so we need all the people we can get!

To someone who is hesitating to volunteer with PM.Haze I would say you really don’t know what it is like before you try. And the same can really be said about volunteering in general; it is one thing to hear the organization describing what they do and another to actually stand up and do it. So my advice would be to just give it a try.

If PM.Haze was an animal, I think it would be an octopus because it is intelligent, flexible and has many arms that can reach many places and do many different things at once.