Volunteer Spotlight: Lucie

(Left to right): Guanjie, Lucie, Apurva.
(Left to right): Guanjie, Lucie, Apurva.

I first learnt about PM Haze in April 2015 when I attended the People’s Forum, an event organised by PM Haze. I was attracted to the short film produced by PM Haze on the haze issue and was very interested in the Haze Mask! I think it was a very open and obvious sign of protest against the haze which I haven’t seen anywhere else in Singapore. Through the event I got know more about PM Haze and decided to volunteer for PM Haze.


I have been volunteering with PM Haze in the people team for over a year. My volunteering commitments mainly involve attending the monthly meetings of people team and sharing more about my ideas or opinions with the other team members, which I found really fun and interesting. I have also been volunteering in many outreach events where I got to share more about haze issues or any environmental issues with the public. I really like the times when people get the ‘Aha’ moment, connect the dots and appreciate the importance of haze.


One of my most memorable times with PM Haze was when I went for a PEEP* trip to Malaysia with 20 other PM Haze volunteers. Living in a small kampong in Malaysia with other PM Haze volunteers really made me felt the go getting spirit of PM Haze. I really enjoyed the times spent with the volunteers building a canal block, singing karaoke on the bus and going on a night search for durians. Even today I am very touched whenever I think of the wonderful times spent together during the PEEP trip.


Personally I feel that PM Haze has helped me as much as I have gained from PM Haze. Through volunteering in the past year, I have gained more knowledge about haze and palm oil issues. In fact, I learn the most when I am doing outreach at the PM Haze booths and interacting with members of the public. Having to explain to people about the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of haze really made me think and question the information I am sharing with others which led me to read more into the haze issue. This has helped me to gain knowledge and build confidence in myself.


Other than the strong focus on Haze externally, internally one of the greatest strength of PM Haze is the organisation’s care for volunteers and willingness to cater to a volunteer’s interest. I strongly encourage every volunteer to have the confidence to step forward and express their feelings and interest to the management. If they would like to learn something new, just say it and the management will be there to provide the opportunities and guidance for them. This strong commitment to growing our volunteer has helped to nurture a group of volunteers who are highly committed to the organisation allowing PM Haze to further the push for stopping the haze. I hope that in the future PM Haze will be the first organisation to come to people’s mind whenever the issue of haze is raised.


If PM Haze is an animal, I think it will be a ‘Monkey’. This is because the monkey is a social animal and moves around in troops similar to how PM Haze gathers people and move around like a troop. I have had the great honour to be a part of this troop of ‘Monkeys’ and will never forget about the experiences and time spent with PM Haze. I wish PM Haze all the best in the future.


*PEEP = People expedition to experience peat


Written by: Apurva

Writer’s note: Lucie is a strong working women with a friendly nature and amazing personality. She has been an active volunteer with PM Haze for the past year and has contributed immensely to PM Haze. Lucie pioneered the volunteer spotlight segment in the monthly newsletter which has enjoyed one of the highest viewer activity since it first began. Till date, Lucie has conducted and written 9 volunteer spotlights ensuring the continued success of this segment within the monthly newsletter. From October 2017, Lucie would be leaving Singapore and would not be able to continue volunteering for PM Haze. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucie for her invaluable contribution to PM Haze and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.