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Announcement: Registration for BLUE Leadership Programme 2017 has closed. Please join us as a volunteer instead!

Dreaming of a better world? Gain the skills to make it a reality.
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What is BLUE?

Want to make the world a better place but feel overwhelmed by the task ahead?

We understand how it feels, because we started as just 5 ordinary youths with no money and influence, trying to challenge a huge problem.

Over the years, we have accumulated valuable experience on how to start a project and drive change in society. And now we want to empower YOU to do the same.

Through interactive workshops, overseas trips and mentorship, BLUE provides you with skills and guidance to run an advocacy project in your own campus to help tackle the root causes of haze, deforestation and climate change.

While the haze comes and goes, the root causes of haze, including destruction of rainforests for palm oil and paper, continues at an alarming rate. Your project can help protect the rainforests of this region and the endangered species which call it their home, such as Orangutans and Elephants.

What is the timeline?

You only need to commit for the first workshop (BLUE Basics) for a try-out. After that if you’re keen, you can choose to continue for the BLUE Leaders’ phase.

April/ May BLUE Basics Workshop: Advocacy for a better world

  • Grow confidence in leading for a better world
  • Appreciate how to maximise impact
  • Understand how to get an idea adopted by society
  • Learn how PM.Haze drives societal change
By 31st May Continue to BLUE Leader Phase by fulfilling a) Attendance in first workshop, b) Volunteer at least x1 in a PM.Haze outreach activity, c) Submit an individual advocacy campaign writeup.
Jun – Oct BLUE Leader Phase
  • Workshop 2: Dialogue with young change-makers + How to work effectively in a team
  • Workshop 3: Brainstorm & develop action plan for campus advocacy project
  • Local visit/ dialogue: Dialogue with company using sustainable palm oil. Supermarket tour.
  • Campus advocacy project: Outreach to key stakeholders
21 – 24 Jul Overseas trip (4 days to Malaysia)
Aug & Sep
  • Campus advocacy project: Community outreach & campaigning
  • Involvement in nationwide Haze Action Day.
  • Monthly gatherings for peer feedback + guidance from mentors.
Oct Wrap-up and internal review of advocacy projects.

Who can join?

The timing and content is targeted at University and Polytechnic students, but all are welcome to join as long as you have a well-defined community in Singapore to reach out to.

How much will it cost?

Try-out phase is free of charge. For BLUE Leaders’ phase, the only cost involved is the overseas trip, estimated at $350. If you have financial difficulties, we will consider providing financial support on a case-by-case basis.

What will we experience during the overseas trip?

We will be visiting a fascinating location in Selangor, Malaysia, which suffered from major fires in 2014 and where fire-prevention continues to be a major challenge. We will get to stay with the locals in a homestay.

Day 1: Be a farmer for a day! Explore the vast Tanjong Karang irrigation system and see how water from the river and peat swamp feeds the endless padi fields.

Day 2: Witness the impact of palm oil plantations on peat and dive into action with local volunteers to blocking a peat canal.

Day 3: Immerse into a world of water in a natural peat swamp forest.

Day 4: Rest and relax before returning to Singapore.

Watch the video below of our trip in 2016.

What to expect for the campus advocacy project?

The campus advocacy project allows you to apply the skills you have learnt and make a tangible positive impact.

The goal would be to encourage the campus administration and/or a business operating in or around the campus to at least make a time-bound commitment for responsible sourcing of palm oil or paper, or a policy change that would lead to reduction in paper usage.

You may form a team with other BLUE Leaders to develop and execute your ideas to achieve the goal.

Along the way, you can tap on feedback and guidance from experienced mentors and other teams.

Who are the facilitators?

Yi Han
Co-founder PM.Haze with 13 years experience in advocacy.
Trainer at Science Centre & Founder of Skills Swap

Who are the mentors?

Coach @ NYP & HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award winner
Xiang Tian
Co-founder of #LepakInSG & HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award winner
Co-Founder of #LepakInSG and Singapore Youth for Climate Action & NEA EcoFriend Awards 2016 recipient

I'm interested!

Apply for BLUE Basics workshop: Everyday Leadership + Societal Change today! Limited spaces available.

After coming for the first workshop, you can choose whether or not to continue for BLUE Leaders’ Phase.

If you have further queries, email Yi Han at  or indicate in the application form.