IDF 2019

What is the Issue?

Tropical peat forests are rainforests that exist on freshwater swamps. When these forests are cleared for commercial agriculture they become prone to fires and cause haze that is known to cause irreversible respiratory problems and affect community livelihoods. The 2014 fires not only dampened the Sungei Tohor community’s means to survive, but similar fires also cause transboundary haze that comes to Singapore.

Degraded peatlands that are susceptible to fires Intact tropical peat forest


Project Location:

How can you help?

In 2017, you helped us to build a canal block to rewet the peatlands in Sungei Tohor

This year, we are embarking on a multi year community empowerment programme to rehabilitate existing degraded peatlands in Sungei Tohor. We will be enhancing an existing community nursery to plant 6000 saplings over a one hectare area. We also want to develop an educational area where members from the community and visitors can understand more about Sungei Tohor’s peatland restoration efforts.

This International Day of the Forests, the community in Sungei Tohor needs our help. Our project aims to restore degraded peatland areas which will decrease fire risks and give the community a fair shot at improving their livelihoods.

In order for us to do that, we will need to raise SGD 4,129.


Contribute to our project and help us to build a nursery to plant native species of trees to revegetate and rehabilitate degraded peatlands.