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Volunteer positions available:

Finance Team

Finance Team ensures that the money we have received with kindness is properly accounted for.

Finance Team positions have been filled

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team is in charge of raising public awareness by breaking down the complex issue of haze into easy-to-understand messages delivered both offline and online via roadshows, talks, videos, social media and anything else our creativity allows.

Photographer/ Videographer

Take photos/videos of PM.Haze activities, e.g. outreach events, behind the scenes, and overseas activities.


  • Plan, shoot and edit photo/videos of PM.Haze volunteers, outreach events, interviews, and overseas activities
  • Opportunity to travel to Indonesia and Malaysia to document overseas activities


  • Interested in visual storytelling
  • Own photography/videography equipment
  • Portfolio (for us to see your past work and for you to add to it)
  • Time commitment: Able to commit at least twice a year

Search Engine Optimiser

Get our website on the first page of google!


  • Apply search engine optimisation (SEO) (i.e. come up with plan, implement and monitor)


  • IT students or professionals. Familiar with SEO and website management

Graphic designers/ Animators

Create visuals eg. infographics or animations that will inform and inspire.


  • Creating visuals for campaign, event and awareness posters, reports, website, social media etc.
  • Present complex issues in a simple, engaging manner
  • Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layout


  • Interested in learning how to use visuals and/or stories to communicate a message
  • Familiar with graphic design software/ animation software
  • Portfolio (for us to see your past work and for you to add to it)
  • Time commitment: At least twice a year


Change the world with your words.


  • Write and/or edit outreach and communications materials eg. posters, website, social media, press release, forum letters, reports.


  • Good command of English or Chinese language
  • Interest in learning how to write in a clear and interesting way
  • Time commitment: At least twice a year

Website UX

Assist our revamp of website to make it more user-friendly.


  • Contribute to discussion of the new website
  • Build on the current website and design and/ or develop new features for good user experience
  • Guide other volunteers to do simple update tasks, e.g. add new blog posts


  • For web developer, experienced in WordPress and basic HTML
  • For web designer, experienced in website user experience design
  • Portfolio (for us to see your past work and for you to add to it)
  • Time commitment: Able to commit at least 2 hours per week until the launch of the new website (est. Jan-Feb 2017)

People Team

Our people are the movement. The People Team therefore plays a fundamental role in recruiting motivating people and developing them into change-makers to provide energy and ideas to drive social change for a haze-free future. As part of the people team, you will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing people find their passion and grow as a person.

Social Change NOT Climate Change Toolkit

Help develop a toolkit for civil society to drive social change for climate action


  • Conduct literature review, interviews and focus groups to distill principles and techniques for effective and constructive social change for climate action in Singapore.
  • Condense information into a toolkit and lesson plans.
  • Run workshop to test out lesson plan and revise where necessary.
  • Publish toolkit and lesson plan and share widely with other NGOs, schools and NYC.

Commitment/ Requirements

  • Commitment: Jan – May 2018
  • Time commitment: 2-10 h/ week (depending on specific role)
  • Have an open mind.
  • Good team player.
  • Prior knowledge/ experience is a bonus.

Team builders

Help our volunteers integrate into our family


  • Help volunteers feel accepted eg via organising bonding activities
  • Run Volunteer Spotlight to recognise active volunteers
  • Work with Management Team to apply service-learning concepts to volunteer activities in order to develop volunteers’ potential and interest

Commitment/ Requirements

  • Can commit to monthly team meetings (2 – 3 hours), attending other PM Haze activities (as many as you are comfortable with) and an additional few hours per month based on your specific role
  • Preferably love interacting with people and understanding their needs

Research Team

As a people’s movement, we have the responsibility of ensuring that we set the right direction for people to act on. The Research Team lays the foundation for all our campaigns and messaging by getting to the root of the problem and identifying effective solutions to help stop haze.

Intelligence Officers

Keep everyone up to date with haze news and to support the Outreach team for timely public communication about important events or publications.


  • Continuous monitoring of online traceability tools
  • Continuous screening of media articles
  • Simple analysis of relevant articles
  • Daily communication of findings to outreach team to allow timely public sharing
  • Regular digests to PM.Haze members
  • Regular update of online tools and media sources list


  • Interest in understanding more about haze
  • Can work independently
  • Knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia is a bonus
  • Time commitment: Min 1-2h daily (task can be split if necessary)

Research Fellows

Conduct research on haze-free palm oil, paper, finance and other haze-related topics. May involve desktop research, interviews and surveys.


  • Conduct secondary research/ survey
  • Compile research findings in appropriate format eg. guide, educational material


  • Interest in understanding the subject
  • Experience in research is an advantage but not essential

If you’re interested to join any of these teams, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and we will follow up with you shortly. If you’re not sure which team to join or have any other enquiries, please feel free to shoot us an email at

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